Add Icon to Tabs

  • Icons can be added from current portal or external URLs
  • You'll have to upload images using Admin > File Manager
  • Font Awesome 4.1 is also supported
  • Use image headers to put your own graphic in tab headers. Note that in today's web design this technique is not used anymore because they don't flow nice, are not SEO friendly and don't play nice with various devices.
  • Choose from four available options: Icon (from portal file); Icon (from URL); Font Awesome Icon and  Image Header.

Starting with Tabs Pro 2.0 we have upgraded the Font Awesome library to 4.1 and you'll have the possibility to choose from the list displayed one of the available icons.

Now, besides the ability to add a custom icon (you can choose an already configured icon to your tabs, by using the Image options Icon from portal files and Icon from URL),  you can use the Awesome Font Library.

All you have to do is to click on "Change" button and select the icon which suits your needs.

As for the final front end product - here's a sample of how the icons display inside tabs: